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3PL Fair Market Assessments

Most companies using 3PL services sign the initial 3 year contract and never look at it again, often leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table at renewal. As the former CEO of a leading 3PL, I understand how to leverage the value of your sales results, improved processes or channel strategy to justify cost reductions at your 3PL. Let Pharmexsys complete a Fair Market Value Assessment of your current 3PL contract. Our clients typically save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of their 3PL contract.

3PL Selection and RFP Management

We specialize in conducting 3PL functionality assessments and coordinating the RFP process. Our clients save time and money because we quickly provide the best 3PL options that meet their unique product needs. Our analysis is more than just "spreadsheeting" potential partners. Our goal is to make your 3PL selection simple and stress free.

Big Data Analytics

We are Big Data experts. Our data mart and processing engine provides unsurpassed analytics and data visualization for both pharmaceutical companies and 3PL service providers.

510K Approval

A client hired Pharmexsys after having trouble getting a product through the 510K approval process. After two previous denials, the company was running out of money and needed to quickly receive approval. Pharmexsys reviewed the submission and found a regulatory expert specializing in the deficient area and coached the client about how to better communicate their work in response to the previous deficiencies. We worked closely with the client to properly execute and document their response to the FDA, resulting in an approval within 90 days of their re-submission.

Medical Device Development

A client came to Pharmexsys with a “back of the napkin” drawing of a medical device. We helped the client design and produce initial prototypes and conducted market research with physicians. We also provided a detailed market analysis and sales forecast that helped the client complete an initial capital raise.

Data Analytics Sales Support

A client was seeking sales support for new data analytics technology in the healthcare market. Pharmexsys hired and managed a sales team that generated enough initial sales to prove the technology and refine the sales strategy. The result was two successful capital raises totaling nearly $10M.

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