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3PL Request for Proposal (RFP) Management

We understand the changing landscape of 3PL services providers and will find the partner to best meet your unique needs through a detailed and proven evaluation process. Let us eliminate all stress by providing the information and financial analysis you need to make the best selection.

3PL Fair Market Value Assessment

Every company using a 3PL should review the contract within 12 months of renewal. We ensure you are getting a fair price from your 3PL partner by comparing your contract rates to current market pricing based on your current sales and development and acquisition pipeline.

Project Management

We will work alongside your executive team to develop and manage those projects that are important to the business but may not be making the progress you desire. When you need to quickly put an experienced executive on the team who has “seen it all before,” count on Pharmexsys to find you the right person for either short or long-term engagements.

Channel Strategy

We specialize in supporting products with unique handling requirements that require multi-modal channel management and validation. We have supported channel validation for cold chain, controlled, biologics and raw materials.

Supply Chain Analytics

We analyze and audit business unit performance, provide detailed and actionable recommendations for improvement and benchmark vs. the competition or best practices. Our process includes work flow mapping and implementing process improvement strategies through proven TQM principals.

Issue Resolution

Are you stuck with supply chain problems that never seem to go away? We understand the issues that create most supply chain problems and take a Total Quality Management approach to find solutions that eliminate the problem, once and for all.

Market Value Assessments

The assumptions made when going into a 3PL relationship can differ greatly from reality once a product enters the market. And the value of specific services can change significantly over a typical 3 year contract term. Frank discussions with the 3PL are often avoided because the consultant that recommended the 3PL is not well suited to negotiate a contract amendment and your own operations team often have familial relationships with the 3PL. Our job is to ensure that your company continues to receive services at the fair market value based on today’s reality. This does not always mean distributing countless RFPs to grind down your 3PL with the threat of departure. We will assess your contract against current market rates, facilitate appropriate discussions with the 3PL, and only go to RFP if necessary. This process helps maintain a positive relationship with the 3PL and ensures you are receiving the fair market value you deserve.

3PL RFP Management

We make choosing a 3PL simple and stress free. We work to fully understand your product needs and channel strategy. We then coordinate a detailed and proven program to help you select the best 3PL partner. PHARMEXSYS DOES NOT RECEIVE COMPENSATION FROM ANY 3PL PROVIDERS FOR BRINGING THEM BUSINESS.

Contract Negotiation

Clients use Pharmexsys to negotiate all or just certain parts of their 3PL contract. We have successfully negotiated over 70 contracts to be satisfactory to all partners.

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